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The magic of map-making: reflections on the #30DayMapChallenge

The #30DayMapChallenge made its return in November 2020. The challenge, originally launched on Twitter in 2019 by Topi Tjukanov, brings together map enthusiasts from around the world to showcase their work and explore the plethora of options in map-making. In that first year, we went all out and submitted a map for every day. In 2020, however, we took a different approach and explored new map-making tools and techniques. Ivan Vasilyev, Data Specialist from our Methodology Team reflects on his experience with the challenge.

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A trip down memory lane: in conversation with Margus Tiru

At Positium, we work with data that is innovative and even novel to some. But what many don’t know is that the roots of this company go way back to the early 2000s. Our Chief Data Officer, Margus Tiru, has been with Positium for nearly 15 years - since its early days. We took a walk down memory lane with Margus, talking about the origin story of Positium and what inspires him in working with mobile positioning data (MPD).
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5 Takeaways from the International Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics

Big data matters for official statistics. Nowhere is this more apparent than at the international gathering of the topic organized by the UN every year. This year’s conference had an air of urgency, taking a critical look at data collection during a global pandemic. The 6th International Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics was organised by Statistics Korea and the UN Global Working Group for Official Statistics, taking place from 31 August until 2 September. As we all know, information at such events is plentiful, which is why we put together our 5 key takeaways from the conference.
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Unpacking tourism destinations and statistics with Janika Raun, PhD

As tourists, we visit destinations without a second thought, but as researchers, do we really understand what is a tourism destination? Our colleague and friend Janika Raun from the Mobility Lab at the University of Tartu successfully defended her PhD thesis on 26 June. Janika’s years of research on tourism destinations in the definition of visitors’ temporal and spatial behavior has culminated in a dissertation, “Mobile positioning data for tourism destination studies and statistics”, which aims to understand the concept of ‘tourism destination’ through mobile positioning data (MPD). We had a chat with Janika about why it is so important to have this type of knowledge available in tourism studies.
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