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Meet the Team: Erki, the Eternal Optimist

Many people working at Positium share a passion for geography. In this #MeetTheTeam post, we talk to Erki, one of the two people who has been living their passion at the company for the longest – 15 years. In this post, he tells us how that passion emerged when he was finishing high school, leading him to study geoinformatics at the University of Tartu. Keep reading to find out how he ended up at Positium, and how he went from developer to member of the board.
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Mobile Positioning Data FAQ: MPD Basics

You might have read that mobile positioning data (MPD) has been identified by the United Nations as one of the big data sources with a great promise for its use in official statistics. Sounds great, does it not? But you probably have many questions. For instance: What exactly is mobile positioning data and how accurate is it? In this blog post, we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions we get from organisations that want to learn how to use MPD for tourism statistics, urban planning, transportation, or emergency management, just to name a few of the use cases we have worked on in the past. Keep reading and find out what MPD is and how it works!
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Measuring the impact of the most important multi-sport event in Asia

The Asian Games is the biggest multi-sport event in Asia, gathering athletes from 45 countries every four years, with more than 450 matches. In 2018, the games took place in several locations in Indonesia. The following case study looks at the challenges the government of Indonesia was facing to measure the socio-economic impact of the event, and how mobile positioning data (MPD) turned out to be the right solution for them.

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Why do we do what we do, Part 1: How to define company values?

In October 2020, we gathered all employees of Positium together to have a relaxed company-wide workshop. The topic of the workshop was oh-so-simple, but at the same time very complicated – why do we do what we do? The aim was to unpack the meaning of our daily work in an attempt to better understand what motivates us to do it. One thing we knew for sure was that we are a bunch with many talents and an ambition to make the world a better place. It is important that Positium’s values, mission and vision are aligned with the true values of our employees and are something that everyone here can relate to.
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