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#Meet The Team: Gerttu

If Positium would be compared to the Moomin family then everyone here knows who would get the role for Little My... Colleagues have described her as “a passionate fireball who will do anything for the sake of the team and the company. She will stand up for her teammates, she will see her projects through to their fruitful completion, and she will also make sure that our company keeps progressing in the right direction.” Today we will be introducing our Head of Operations, the one and only - Gerttu! Also known as Head of Excellence, above-mentioned Little My, or just Tank.

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Building resilience through mobile positioning data in Estonia and Indonesia

Mobile positioning data (MPD) has been used in crisis management for years now and it has been proven to be very accurate in monitoring mobility. Near real-time MPD has successfully been used in the past, e.g. after the earthquake in Haiti in 2008, and in Nepal, Vanuatu and The Gambia to monitor disasters or virus spreading. There is increasing interest among policymakers in measuring hazardous events and disasters. National statistical systems collect basic data on population, economy, and other relevant topics necessary for disaster risk management, but the problem is that census and survey data, although reliable, have limitations in measuring large-scale population movements due to logistical constraints in data collection. (Arai et al., 2021)
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Restarting the local tourism industry in Indonesia: leveraging mobile positioning data for better insights

More than one year into the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, the country is desperate to revive its tourism industry necessary to keep the economy afloat. Some areas in Indonesia feel more ready than others. But, successive waves of COVID-19 have exacerbated the process of reopening destinations for travellers. The latest situation proves that rebooting the tourism industry during and beyond the pandemic is a complex and challenging undertaking and the effects of this crisis are not well understood. This makes the need for accurate and timely data even more important in designing recovery strategies and plans. How can mobile positioning data (MPD) help in restarting the local tourism industry?
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The magic of map-making: reflections on the #30DayMapChallenge

The #30DayMapChallenge made its return in November 2020. The challenge, originally launched on Twitter in 2019 by Topi Tjukanov, brings together map enthusiasts from around the world to showcase their work and explore the plethora of options in map-making. In that first year, we went all out and submitted a map for every day. In 2020, however, we took a different approach and explored new map-making tools and techniques. Ivan Vasilyev, Data Specialist from our Methodology Team reflects on his experience with the challenge.

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