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Measuring the impact of the most important multi-sport event in Asia

The Asian Games is the biggest multi-sport event in Asia, gathering athletes from 45 countries every four years, with more than 450 matches. In 2018, the games took place in several locations in Indonesia. The following case study looks at the challenges the government of Indonesia was facing to measure the socio-economic impact of the event, and how mobile positioning data (MPD) turned out to be the right solution for them.

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Quick Statistics: The Estonian Song Celebration 2019

What brings thousands of Estonians together in one place? And why are they singing? Foreigners often wonder about the mystical tradition of song celebrations, about how it is possible that every 10th Estonian will meet at festival grounds to sing under a giant arch every 4–5 years. Estonia has a long-standing tradition of music, dance and folklore. This year we are celebrating the 150-year anniversary of the first song celebration. To commemorate this great occasion, we wanted to look back at this event from a statistical point of view.

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Project Highlight: Analysing Asian Games, the Biggest Sports Event in Asia

The Asian Games is a multi-sport event held every four years among athletes all over Asia. This is the biggest sports event in Asia, comparable to the Olympics. This year, the event took place in Indonesia from August 18 - September 2 in several locations in Jakarta, Palembang and Bandung. The 18th Asian Games attracted visitors both locally and abroad. Mobile positioning data was used for the first time to analyse the impact Asian Games had on tourism.

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