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Better Data Saves Lives

We have seen that natural disasters and global crises have become more frequent, making communities around the world vulnerable to their impact. But, if we know the approximate location of mobile users at any given time, and how they react in terms of their mobility in crisis circumstances, it is possible to plan a thorough response in these situations.

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Revealing Surprising Tourist Movement Patterns in Oman with Mobile Positioning Data

In this project highlight, we take a look at tourism in Oman. As a tourist, we usually choose a destination to visit based on culture, natural environment, a good climate, or interesting sights. Perhaps surprisingly, detecting the number and mobility patterns of tourists in one region or city is no easy job. While different datasets can give us an estimate, it is hard to get the full picture of the situation.
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Where Can You Make a Video Call in the United Arab Emirates?

For the past three years, Positium has taken part in the #30DayMapChallenge on Twitter. Last November, we went all in and created a map for all 30 challenge days. This had such an impact on us that we decided to have our very own map challenge, but at a bit calmer pace because, let’s be honest, #30DayMapChallenge is indeed quite a challenge. With that said, let us introduce the #2022MapChallenge, where we make one map every month to explore and explain the world of MPD and GIS.

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