Mobile positioning data provides the best opportunity for measuring the flows of tourists

Tourism planners have found that statistics created with mobile positioning data (MPD) offer new possibilities for measuring the demand side of inbound, domestic and outbound tourism.

Most tourists carry mobile phones, which makes MPD a great source of insights into tourist behaviour at a destination. There are several benefits to using this innovative big data source for producing tourism statistics:

  • MPD helps to gather information on a large sample of tourists
  • MPD enables year-round updates on data
  • data collection does not affect individual data privacy.

The statistics can be generated on a national scale and used for national tourism statistics, for the travel item in the balance of payments, as well as for geographical breakdowns by sub-regions, municipalities, and smaller locations, such as tourist attractions.

What knowledge can you get from MPD?

MPD enables the production of anonymised statistics for inbound, domestic, and outbound tourism flows describing:

  • the places that tourists visit
  • the duration of their stay
  • the distribution of overnight stays and same-day visits.

Positium helps tourism professionals harness data from mobile network operators, evaluate it and create tools to analyse the movement of visitors, as we have done for over a decade. Let over 15 years of our experience guide you.  You can read case studies on tourism here.

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