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By tapping into mobile positioning data (MPD) from mobile network operators, Positium provides relevant statistical indicators for your tourism, mobility and population analysis needs. Mobile positioning data is an innovative source of big data that allows reliable, timely and efficiently produced insights into the location and movements of populations.

The number of mobile phones is growing all over the world, including in low- and middle-income countries, and with it mobile positioning data is becoming increasingly relevant in analysis. Traditional data collection methods alone, like surveys and censuses, are costly and time-consuming. Application-based data collected from smartphones do not always provide good coverage of the population. MPD offers a solid return on investment, covers a large sample of the population, is collected automatically, and provides faster results.

The benefits of mobile phone data are manifold, with applications in international, national, regional and local planning, event management, retail and marketing, rescue services, and more. We work closely with our clients so that big data can enable good decisions.

Mobile positioning data also has a number of limitations and we have spent years finding solutions for each one of them. To address these concerns, we have developed various solutions that are included in our flagship product, Positium Data Mediator.

Positium is made up of experts in location data and statistical analysis. Their 20+ years of experience and methodological know-how is harnessed to bring you the benefits of MPD while accounting for the limitations of it. Find out more about our international projects, published research, and behind-the-scenes processes on our Research & Development page.

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