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Mobile Positioning Data FAQ: MPD Basics

You might have read that mobile positioning data (MPD) has been identified by the United Nations as one of the big data sources with a great promise for its use in official statistics. Sounds great, does it not? But you probably have many questions. For instance: What exactly is mobile positioning data and how accurate is it? In this blog post, we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions we get from organisations that want to learn how to use MPD for tourism statistics, urban planning, transportation, or emergency management, just to name a few of the use cases we have worked on in the past. Keep reading and find out what MPD is and how it works!
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10 Reasons to Upgrade Tourism Statistics with MPD

The use of mobile positioning data (MPD) has evolved with Positium as the market leader for nearly 15 years. MPD is a unique data source that can provide a new way of thinking in statistics – one that is fresh and always up to date in today’s rapidly changing world.

All of that is possible thanks to the mobile phones in our pockets.

Positium was recognised as an Affiliate Member of the UN World Tourism Organisation this year, which is why it seems more appropriate than ever to bring to you 10 reasons why MPD is the upgrade tourism statistics needs.
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