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#Meet The Team: Gerttu

If Positium would be compared to the Moomin family then everyone here knows who would get the role for Little My... Colleagues have described her as “a passionate fireball who will do anything for the sake of the team and the company. She will stand up for her teammates, she will see her projects through to their fruitful completion, and she will also make sure that our company keeps progressing in the right direction.” Today we will be introducing our Head of Operations, the one and only - Gerttu! Also known as Head of Excellence, above-mentioned Little My, or just Tank.

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A trip down memory lane: in conversation with Margus Tiru

At Positium, we work with data that is innovative and even novel to some. But what many don’t know is that the roots of this company go way back to the early 2000s. Our Chief Data Officer and member of the board, Margus Tiru, has been with Positium for nearly 15 years - since its early days. We took a walk down memory lane with Margus, talking about the origin story of Positium and what inspires him in working with mobile positioning data (MPD).
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#MeetTheTeam: What is better than one Kaisa? Two Kaisas, of course.

You’re not seeing double, trust us. Our latest #MeetTheTeam post takes a peek behind the scenes. We want to introduce to you our Kaisas, who are an essential part in Positium’s operation. One is a methodology guru - she knows everything there is to know about how data processing works at Positium. The other one is a data visualisation wizard whose beautiful maps engage people from around the globe. Let’s meet them.
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Meet The Team: Marek

Next up in our #MeetTheTeam series, you will meet an expert who is passionate about sustainable and smart transport. Marek Rannala develops and manages projects at Positium, and leads consulting in mobility and transportation. Holistic approaches and improving transportation systems characterise his day-to-day work.
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Meet The Team: Helen

Behind every great business… is an excellent office manager. In our second post of the Meet The Team series, we want to introduce our Office Admin, Helen. This bright-eyed woman keeps our gears turning with flair and finesse. Read more about her and what she does at Positium.
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