Traces left by visitors on the mobile network give you reliable data on destination visits

Have you wondered where tourists in your country go? With the help of Positium’s dashboard for tourism, tourism destination marketers can get information on:

  • the count and origin of both domestic and foreign visitors who stay in the destination,
  • statistics based on a large sample of all visitors,
  • tourism flows within the country.

Our tourism dashboards are based on over a decade of experience, research and development. The methods we use are in line with the latest international recommendations for tourism statistics.

Cooperation with Positium was professional, timely and fruitful. Positium continues to strongly support us in our efforts to improve and expand the data available on tourism.

- Olga Goncarova, Head of Domestic and Inbound Tourism Department acting as general manager, Lithuania Travel


MPD has given us a whole new perspective. The ability to see tourism flows and movements gave us important insights which help us plan marketing better.

- Elin Priks, Former CEO of the NGO VisitSetomaa.


Tourism Dashboard for Estonian Tourist Board

Estonian Tourist Board was collecting data on tourism flows for their strategic planning process. One of their outstanding questions was “Can we detect discernible patterns of tourism flows?”. Positium gathered data on roaming and domestic tourists and visualised the flows of tourists within the country. Estonian Tourist Board gave dashboard access to all their local tourism marketing organisations to provide input for the next strategic planning period.

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Lithuania Launches Innovative Platform That Gives Tourism Stakeholders Access to Key Data

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation of Lithuania recently presented an innovative project that lets different stakeholders of the tourism sector access data about which tourism destinations travellers visit during their stay in the country, how long they stay in a particular place, and more. The public authority Lithuania Travel led the project to ensure that access to this data helps the public and private sectors improve services for tourists, support businesses to discover new sources of revenue and income, and inform their marketing efforts.

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Local Tourism Insights from MPD – Setomaa in South Estonia

At the South-Eastern-most corner of Estonia, there lives a people whose mystical language, enchanting leelo and ancient traditions are protected under the UNESCO World Heritage label. Combined with the breath-taking landscape, South Estonia’s rich cultural heritage attracts visitors from all over the world. But how do we know that?

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