How can you get road traffic data for statistics and for your traffic model?

Measuring road traffic at single locations at one and the same time is easy. Getting frequent road traffic data for all roads, however, is difficult and expensive. Getting reliable data on the origins and destinations of road users from traffic counts is difficult. Mobile positioning data (MPD) can be used for producing road traffic statistics (most often annual average daily traffic (AADT) statistics) over entire road networks or for larger road projects. MPD provides origins and destinations together with estimated trip purposes for all road sections and thus constitutes a rich and efficient input to traffic models.

Why should you opt for MPD?

  • MPD contains information on all population locations and movements;
  • MPD provides origins and destinations for users of all road sections, and is a suitable input to traffic models;
  • MPD can be used to estimate trip purposes and frequencies;
  • MPD enables frequent surveying of entire regions within a single database;
  • MPD-based road traffic statistics can be compared against the results of traffic counters, where possible, to provide an extra layer of validation;
  • MPD is well-correlated, easily updatable, and scalable to wide areas of road networks.

Road traffic statistics are critical for infrastructure planning and maintenance, for setting investment priorities and traffic safety focuses. It is also the basis for vehicle mileage statistics and greenhouse gas statistics.