We follow certain principles and guidelines of data privacy and ethics in our daily operations to ensure the privacy of mobile network users and process data for statistics according to high ethical standards.

  1. Necessity and proportionality - making sure MPD is relevant and fit-for-purpose to provide the necessary timely, frequent and geographically detailed information for the monitoring of human mobility
  2. Professional independence - this entails the transparency of methods and practices between statistical or data entities
  3. Privacy protection - pre-processing and aggregating data to ensure privacy, technical and governance frameworks that ensure confidentiality and data security, and presenting data in a manner that avoids the possibility of individuals being re-identified
  4. Commitment to quality - acknowledging and communicating the limitations of MPD, and planning for future improvements in methodology when time and resources become available
  5. International comparability - being transparent about methodology and maintaining the reproductivity of results and/or following internationally recognised guidelines for MPD for official statistics 

The overall aim of the data protection policy in Postium is to ensure more reliability and a higher level of security than what is required by any public protocol by using state-of-the-art technologies and know-how. We are always ready to analyse and make security adjustments. We take extra precautions in our security infrastructure to be compatible with the internal requirements of our partners, while maintaining the level prescribed in present data protection requirements.

Data analyses are done in systems which are located on the premises of the data owner or in specially designed and shielded environments available for only a limited number of carefully selected parties. We analyse de-identified data and produce only aggregated outputs, which do not contain any indications of a single person's movements and behaviour in mobile operator networks.

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