Positium is a data analytics company from Tartu, Estonia. We are the only company in the world specialising in mobile positioning data for official statistics. Founded in 2003, we have over a decade of experience working with global clients and scientists alike. We strive to improve the quality of life of people around the world through data-driven decisions by providing methods and solutions for extracting trustworthy knowledge from mobile positioning data.

We develop high-quality technology – methodology, software and expertise – to process mobile positioning data (MPD) for insights on the spatio-temporal behaviour of human beings. Our technology provides the best understanding of the spatial aspects of human society and is used by governments and the private sector in faster, data-driven, and reliable decision-making that brings the world closer to a sustainable existence.

Positium loves data, especially location data. We have some of the best location data specialists in the world, people who think in terms of the whole data model and how it systematically fits together.

We think long-term. We are demanding about the scope and we want to make sure that the solutions are sustainable.

This also shows up in how we approach data quality. We don't always aim for the fanciest data solutions, although it might end up that way. We make sure that the data we provide holds up even when we look back on it 10 years from now.

Our vision

We strive for the future where every country in the world benefits from mobile positioning data for the good of society.

Our mission

We provide high quality methods and processing tools to transform mobile positioning data into valuable insights on human activity in space and time.

Our values

We have passion for data. Our company started from a mutual passion for location data over 15 years ago. It is our driving force. 

We think long-term. At Positium, we aim to provide our clients with solutions that are sustainable – they have longevity, but remain adaptable to the changing data environment.

We take quality seriously. Our goal is to provide the most accurate results from quality-assured mobile positioning data. Our methodology is evolving constantly and is verified by international statistical organisations (e.g. UN GWG). 

We believe in cost-effective solutions. Positium provides results that depict near-reality, using the best data source out there – MPD.

We like making an impact. Positium produces impactful statistics that are effective and easy to use for decision-makers around the world. The ultimate goal is to improve societies and the quality of life through better-informed decisions.