2500 Statisticians at ISI WSC 2019: Is Big Data the Future of Statistics?

The International Statistics Institute (ISI) will be hosting the World Statistics Congress 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The congress is the biggest statistics event of the year.

This year’s event will bring together 2500 people – statisticians, industry professionals, companies, government and international agencies, and many more. The special focus of the 62nd World Statistics Congress will be on big data and how to incorporate the novel opportunities it offers into modern statistics processes.
During the congress, there is a unique opportunity to meet with our CEO, Mr Erki Saluveer, and our Head of Sales, Mr Siim Esko – here’s how:
1.       Saturday, 17 August: Positium – United Nations – Government Departments
We can be found at the UNSD Symposium on Data Science and Official Statistics. You can hear us talk about mobile phone data projects under the UN and as individual country efforts. The symposium will hold other great discussions, too, for those interested in big data for official statistics. Find out more!

2.       Tuesday, 20 August: MPD – What, How & Why it is critical to future planning
You can find us in sessions as part of the congress’ scientific programme.
When: 14:00-15:40 
Where: Meeting Room 402, Level 4
What: STS-571: “Developing Mobile Positioning Data for Official Statistics: Experiences from Europe and Asia” – In this session, we will introduce lessons on using MPD from official statistics producers in Estonia, Finland and Indonesia.

During lunch-time, we will have a discussion on "The Challenges and Partnerships of Official statistics in the Era of Big Data”.
When: 12.50 - 13.45
Where: Meeting Room 304, Level 3
What: We’ll be putting up some challenges to use big data and prompt the audience to discuss how to approach partnerships to overcome them. 
  • What are the objectives of using big data in national statistical systems? 
  • What are the challenges?  
  • What evidence is driving your perceptions of trust, waste, and efficiency in the public and private sectors when considering the most effective and efficient ways to improve capacity in NSOs? 
  • What has been the real obstacles and solutions to initiating a public-private partnership for your statistical organization, if the will to do that has been there?
More details and the schedule are available! 

3.       Invite us to your session!
4.       Let’s have some coffee or tea!

You can make a direct appointment in our calendar, or write to (Siim, Head of Sales) or (Erki, CEO) to arrange an appointment.

We look forward to meeting you all at the ISI World Statistics Congress!

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